passEnger – Black Radiance EP


For the first review for Energy Flash blog I wanted to focus on an artist that although not well known and with just a few releases under his belt was someone whose music and direction I admired. And although his artist name may not be original (there are at least 10 artists named Passenger on discogs – his stands out by capitalizing the E midway) his music more than makes up for it. passEnger‘s current release, the Black Radiance EP, continues his investigation of the deep techno slated waters that make up the divide between his home in Turin, Italy and the Detroit 313 landscape. “Black Variance” is a compelling techno jaunt with its melodic strings alternating between moody and uplifting tonal shifts,  while “Tau City Interlude” offers a warm but albiet brief ambient motif. For me this EP really shines on “When.” Its shuffling semi-electro rhythm and humming bassline get lifted as the song’s opalescent melody unfurls. (Check it out below.) Best of all the fine folks at Radiance Collective offer this as a gratis download as a part of their netlabel catalog.  Also keep an eye out for passEnger’s upcoming 12″ vinyl release, The Funk/The Fall, on Eclipse-mastered by none other than Detroit producer/artist Aaron Carl.

passEnger – When

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I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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3 Responses to passEnger – Black Radiance EP

  1. macqueen says:

    cool you are writing again!

  2. Kuri says:

    thanks matt. it’s not as easy to do when you don’t have deadlines I”m finding.

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