Groove La Chord copied?

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a myspace blog posting from Aril Brikha claiming that Shlomi Aber had copied/sampled/stole from his “Groove La Chord (Shuffle Mix)” to create Aber’s recent track, “Efrat.” After a lengthy diatribe explaining Brikha’s disappointment with this occurrence a flurry of comments and kudos flowed through this post-at last count over 50 within one day. I own a copy of the Art of Vengence EP that featured “Groove La Chord” and have cherished it since I got it, it’s pretty much a new-school Detroit-techno classic, and is a record that has seen it’s fair share of play from DJs across the board, techno or not. I actually remember hearing that François K used to play it pitched down at the Body & Soul nights, the Idjuts Boys featured it on their Saturday Nite Live mix CD and Jesse Rose closes his Body Language Vol. 3 mix with it.

Anyway, it’s a great track and the sheer thought of someone potentially copying it has yielded an emotional response far and wide. Whether it’s true or not is for the listener to decide because judging by the actual responses from Aber and Brikha on blog post, they are in disagreement over the factual details of how these songs were created. Brikha asserts that “Efrat” uses the “same chord, same key…played the same way with filter sweeps,” for the melody. Brikha also states that his was programmed on an Ensoniq while Aber readily admits that he used a preset on his Access Virus Ti. And while I have listened to both they bear more than a passing similiarity but at the same time it’s very possible that the a synthesizer was initially created with a preset synth sound modelled off the one used in “Groove La Chord.” Brikha also says the clap sounds very similar?! I don’t know about you but I hear claps in all kinds of songs that sound exactly the same; seems like Brikha’s getting a bit nitpicky with that remark. Regardless, it shouldn’t really matter since there’s no way that you can beat the original and as long as Brikha realizes that and is confident in his own creation he shouldn’t be bothered by Aber’s derivative track.  Becasuse as far I can tell why would you buy something that pales to the comparison especially when you still get the real deal?


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