Orlando Voorn feat Barack Obama – Yes We Can


Not more than a day following Barack Obama’s election as the 44th president of the United States I noticed that Orlando Voorn had uploaded a new track into his myspace player called “Yes We Can.” I thought it was inevitable that it would happen as I had already thought about layering part of Obama’s acceptance speech in an upcoming mix, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. And now it’s already fully finished, mastered and available on Juno Download here. Not sure what label if any it’s affiliated with but I’m pleased to see that the Obama’s election has inspired creativity at such a hurried pace. It’s a great track that sums up Obama’s creed using bits of recent speech sound bites and massive crowd response that heightens the track’s visceral energy flow. Unlike Will.I.Am’s earlier celeb lifted folkie effort, this track celebrates Obama’s victory with a brightened techno charge that matches the inspirational nature of the moment it captures. Can we? Yes, we can. And we did. America finally has a reason to be proud again.


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I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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6 Responses to Orlando Voorn feat Barack Obama – Yes We Can

  1. Personally, I heard this and thought it was ridiculous. The Move D “RA podcast” sampled some Biddy Obama and it was carefully inlaid. Give it a peek ~ I think that podcast is still up there.

  2. Kuri says:

    Not sure if by “ridiculous” you mean filthy good.I’ll check out the RA podcast that Move D. I never quite made it through the first time I listened to so I missed that.

  3. Hum3 says:

    Funny detail: Orlando Voorn is a Dutchman from Amsterdam living in the US for a couple of years now…

  4. Kuri says:

    I know but the man is pure Detroit f-ing techno soul all the way. so by default it makes him a citizen of Detroit. don’t know if he’s voted though.

  5. sammy taouk says:

    thanks for the post:

    here is another Obama funk and soul tribute mix you might also be interested in:


    Track Listing:

    Track List

    1. The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Midnight Groove,
    2. Fatback Band – Mister Bass Man
    3. The Head Hunters- God Made Me Funky
    4. The Honey Drippers- Impeach The President
    5. The O’Jays- Give The People What They Want
    6. James Brown- The Boss
    7. Bill Withers- Lovely Day
    8. Herb Alpert – Rise
    9. James Brown – Funky President
    10. Maceo & The Macks – Soul Power ’74
    11. Donald Byrd- Change- Makes You Want To Hustle
    12. Curtis Mayfield- Right on For The Darkness
    13. Stevie Wonder- Black Man
    14. The Blackbyrds- Rock City Park
    15. Odyssey- Going Back To My Roots
    16. John McLaughlin- Planetary Citizen
    17. Issac Hays- Theme From S.H.A.F.T
    18. The Beginning of The End- Funky Nassau (Part 1)
    19. George Clinton – One Nation Under A Groove
    20. Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground
    21. Lonnie Liston Smith- Expansions
    22. George Benson- You Can Do It < Phil Toke & The (B)OHM Collective ‘I Have A DREAM EDIT’
    23. Roy Ayers- Evolution

    Available to DL @ http://ohm.podomatic.com/enclosure/2008-11-17T15_58_46-08_00.mp3

  6. Rhyso says:

    Great tune. Goes down a storm in Cardiff!

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