Energy Flash – 2008 Top Tracks in the Mix


Year-end charts are a bit like the Oscars, top honors seem to correlate  most directly to what has most recently been released.  And that might just be reflective of dance music’s fickleness–always grabbing for what’s hot now rather than what was deemed a hit 11 months ago–because I doubt labels are hoarding their best tracks for the months of November and December. Looking at my list I have a feeling that I may have fallen prey to the same indictment with a majority of my picks having been purchased over the last few months.

Taking a cue from Cez’s JustGoodMusic site I decided to showcase my top tracks in a mix format to give you all taste of what was highly appreciated here but may not have received a proper spotlight earlier on (at least not in these parts). In gathering up my list I was hard pressed to leave it at just 10 and instead went overboard:  a total of 37 tracks clocking in at almost 3 hrs. You can download the full mix on DivShare or individually in 3 parts. So without further ado here is what was burning up the Energy Flash decks in 2008:

Direct Download: Best of 2008 Mix in full




Mush – Test 123 (NightVision)
Reggie Dokes – Rain On Me (Philpot)
Omar S – The Further You Look – The Less You See (FXHE)
Tyree Cooper, Red D, Scott Ferguson, Telepaticos – Kitchen People (Morse)
Daniel Mehlhart – Dial M for… (Neuton)
Move D – Sisters & Brothers (Uzuri)
Delano Smith – Synergy (Third Ear)
Franco Cangelli – Innocence In A Jar [Lerosa Remix] (Mowar)
Itokim – Glittering Way (Fine Art)
Andy Vaz – Back To Square One (Yore)
Kyle Hall – One Ribbon (Moods & Grooves)
Lee Jones – As You Like It [Recloose Remix] (Aus)
DJ Bone – Struggle 7 (Subject Detroit)
Subotic – Timeless (NightVision)
Lee Holman – We Hold True (Fine Art)
Heiko Laux – Mirabella (Rejected)
Luka Baumann – Back To Forth (Sect)
Function – Burn (Sandwell District)
Franco Cangelli – Presumably So [Reynold Remix] (Aesthetik)
Beroshima – Horizon [Funk D’Void’s Hope Mix] (Soma)
Ican – Pa Mi Gente (Planet E)
Subotika – Supernova (Motech)
Steve Rachmad – Rond (Delsin)
DJ Minx – Jus Make It Deep feat. Diviniti (Women on Wax)
Laurent Garnier – Back To My Roots (Innervisions)
Pied Plat – Ode To Ede (Rush Hour)
Raiders of the Lost Arp – Holidays in Space (Nature)
Nick Hughes – Frogman (Immerse)
Sebbo – Watamu Beach [Moritz Von Oswald Rework] (Desolat)
Ron Trent – Journeyn2u (Future Vision)
Gerald Mitchell – Out The Boat (Reincarnation)
Kenny Larkin – Vibin’ (Planet E)
Matt Chester – Relapsed (Sula Muse)
Orlando Voorn – Yes, We Can (Voorn Kollektiv)
Ryo Shimizu – Finding Place (Logos)
Chymera – Ellipsis (Figure)
Donnacha Costello – It Simply Is (Minimise)


About Kuri

I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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15 Responses to Energy Flash – 2008 Top Tracks in the Mix

  1. tb says:

    thanks for this!

  2. Kuri says:

    no problem. glad you like.

  3. Oh man! Wicked post! I love that tracks that you included in there. Tasty mixes and good insight. I thought you’d add Strings of Life though for sure!

  4. Kuri says:

    ha! yeah, I would have put in there if it had gotten a 2008 re-release 😉 thanks for the comments, much appreciated!

  5. max-p says:

    Superb selection and perfetc mixing technicque ! Thanx

  6. Digicub says:

    Thanks Kuri – this is banging and a very tasty selection!

    Good Times


  7. Cez says:

    Just got around to listening to all 3 – nice selections! I think i missed out on a few tracks from last year!!

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  9. macqueen says:

    playing this now, thanks!

  10. teleost says:

    i’m really enjoying this – and i’ve bought that Mush EP you led off with…great track.
    looking forward to hearing the rest, it’s a great way to hear stuff i missed. thanks!

  11. Kuri says:

    thanks for checking it out Matt. hope there’s something in there to your liking.

    Teleost: glad you picked up that Mush EP. it’s a real killer. Olivier has been doing some great techno music but he’s influenced by so much more and you can really hear that in his productions.

  12. franco cangelli says:

    thanks for playing my shit!

  13. macqueen says:

    hey Kuri, any chance of re-upping the entire file as one MP3 somewhere? come on you know I’m a completeist 😉 if so shoot me an email or whatever.

  14. macqueen says:

    (sorry the reason I ask is the DivShare page says you’ve maxed out downloads….)

  15. NateMidwest says:

    kuri, put this mix on a cd and sent it to me for our new DJ of the Month contest. Pioneer Pro DJ is the co-sponsor and the winning mix gets a free pair of their new HDJ-2000 headphones which go for 350!

    check it out here.

    definitely need to get this over to me…

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