Guest Mix from Scott aka Track Werker


Flashwerk Mix

Energy Flash is pleased to present a DJ mix from Scott, the prolific and dedicated co-creator of the Trackwerk blog.  Scott (along with Carl and Sean) has been holding it down over there for quite some time now and is never in short supply for new deep house and techno mixes that seems to pop up with stunningly consistent regularity (he just dropped 2 mixes on 3/19!).  He is known for constantly searching out that perfect beat and is always on the lookout for quality new music. Enjoy this guest mix and check out Trackwerk for plenty more mixes from Scott and his co-horts. To find out more about Scott you can hit up this interview with him here.


About Kuri

I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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13 Responses to Guest Mix from Scott aka Track Werker

  1. fivetones says:

    I’d love to listen to any of the mixes on the Trackwerk site but I’ve never been able to download as it tells me I don’t have the permissions.

    Shame as the tracklistings look good.

    • Kuri says:

      that is unfortunate. hit them up and see if they can upload to an alternate site or format.

      • fivetones says:

        Thanks Kuri.

        I’ve tried contacting them before but no luck. However managed to DL this mix by being clever.

        As for the mix. Loving this style and the way Scott presents it. Nice one.

  2. teleost says:

    ‘stunningly consistent regularity’

    and his mixes are consistently stunning, restrained, sophisticated and groovy. stereociti -> dj sprinkles is just SUBLIME.

  3. Kuri says:

    ha! well said teleost.

  4. struggle says:

    great to see some sprinkles in there. i mixed bodywork into ball’r @ last month’s party. great minds think alike!

  5. Scott says:

    thanks for the positive comments.

    w.r.t sprinkles – i’ve been caning the album, which imo is quite possibly the best deep house album ever. i’m really struggling to recall a better one. i didn’t know anything about terre before this release, so if anyone can recommend other recommended releases i’d love to know them.

    @fivetones – we have had lots of problems with some people downloading upto 150GB of mixes in one month and as such have had to ban some ip ranges – as this threatens our ability to continue trackwerk. if you can let me know your ip address via e-mail – i will see if i can sort something out for you.

    i don’t use the scott at trackwerk e-mail address anymore as that is spammed to death – so try me on tackwerker at yahoo dot co dot uk

  6. Scott says:

    oh and many thanks to kuri, watch out for his forthcoming mix on trackwerk

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  8. Scott says:

    @struggle – thanks – will try and track them down

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