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This past year treated the Logos label very well. What started as an obscure digital imprint based in Macedonia has grown into a very well respected home for inspired electronic artists from all over the world—its owner, Samoil Radinski, included. His own Rainbow EP announced Samoil’s production arrival with a mixture of mercurial techno and textured electro beats. And the Logos Compilation 1 managed to be the most thoroughly satisfying techno comps to be released in years. The label has been garnering play and positive reviews from all types of DJs and with a growing stable of artists and releases, the label looks to broaden its scope with 2 full length artist albums to be released in 2009. Samoil talks about the label’s direction as well as his own productions below.

Q: You started the Logos label in 2007 with the focus firmly on digital-only techno/house releases. Can you tell me a little about how the label came to be? What is the label’s mission?
A: Logos is relatively a new music label dating back to the end of 2007. The idea for the label is from as far back as 2001 while I was a part of the promotional organization Balance. Logos is an underground label whose mission is, above all, discovery and the promotion of new talented musicians in cooperation with already highly promoted and vivid artists. At this point, Logos is a digital label aiming for some of the editions to be presented in vinyl and in some other formats. We are not connected or tied to a certain sound and we do not want to divide the music into types or directions. There is only good and bad music and we are planning to release everything good under our criteria and the concept we are following.

Q: 2008 seemed to be your breakout year for the label and the release schedule hasn’t let up. Do you feel like the label has been successful so far? What would you attribute the growth of the label to?
A: We strive to discover high quality musicians and to release their music and we see our success in this. We received very positive comments from Derrick May, Vince Watson, Santiago Salazar, DJ 3000, Rennie Foster, Erell Ranson, etc. Thanks a lot to Kazumi (at Electronic Directory) for this. Logos Volume 1 compilation was awarded a 10/10 by Laurent Garnier.

Q: What other labels do you look up to and admire?
A: We do have huge respect for labels such as: UR, F Comm., Transmat, Peacefrog, Warp, Soma, Tresor, Planet E, Subject Detroit, Music Man, Rush Hour, R&S, Red Planet, Clone, Ovum, Matrix, Submerge, Metroplex, 430 West, 100% Pure, Delsin, Motech and many others.

Q: What has being located in Macedonia brought to the label and to your personal development as an artist? What has the music scene in Macedonia been like over the years?
A: I live and work here and the label is located in Skopje. The scene was developing progressively. The first steps were in 1994 by opening of the Sputnik club were we really started to professionally deal with DJing. The first real gig happened in 1998 when DJ Dimitri from Amsterdam was a guest. Then Mr. C, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Kenny Larkin, Gene Farris and others. In the meantime many organizations were founded, clubs which started with organizing all types of electronic music events were opened. We have an excellent and very honest audience. 

Q: The overall sound of the label is very respectful of the Detroit style of techno and you even managed to get Niko Marks in for the 3rd release. How did you connect with him?
A: Yes, the Detroit sound—the soul of electronic music—has a great influence over our label. But we also like the Chicago sound. Niko Marks is a great musician and above all a good friend with huge soul.


Q: You also had Abdul Haqq do the cover art for Logos Vol. 1? How did that come about and why was it important to get him to do the artwork? Can you describe the label artwork concept and who does the graphic design? Is label artwork still viable for digital-only formats?
A: We knew about Abdul Haqq from his work – designs made for UR, Red Planet, Juan Atkins, and the documentary movie Universal Techno as well. We were positively surprised to have him create the cover for the first compilation Logos Volume 1, because we deeply respect him. Designs for most of the other releases I am preparing by myself. It is very exciting for me to present the music in a visual way simultaneously.

Q: Outside of Niko Marks there haven’t been too many big names on your roster, but there are several that are quickly becoming rising stars (Itokim, Ryo Shimizu, soon to be Agore) as well as many others that are virtually unknown. How have you gone about finding artists, building up trust with them and aligning for releases?
A: It is a really hard work to promote and to establish a label consisting of new names, but we hope and do believe that quality will appear on the surface. It’s really quite satisfying to discover new talents who will become great musicians like: Agore, Itokim, Ryo, etc.

Q: You recently held a contest for blind submissions to potentially be featured on the label. How did that go and what prompted it? Are you worried about trying to push too many new artists and maintaining the overall quality of the label?
A: Yes, recently we announced a kind of open bidding for Logos Volume 2 compilation. This public announcement is open until the end of April this year and is for all producers and DJ who are creating electronic music. It is our challenge to discover new talents and in parallel to remain on course for releasing high quality music.

Q: Are there any plans to ever release on vinyl? Are you still purchasing vinyl for DJing or personal listening?
A: There are, for sure, plans for vinyl releases but we have to move step by step. I am still buying vinyl. I am also buying digital releases because the technology is moving forward fast and there are a lot of innovative machines.

Q: As far as I can tell your first release was the Rainbow EP on Logos. How long have you been making music and what do you look to for inspiration?
A: Yes, Rainbow is my first release for Logos. I’ve started in 2002 at first I was experimenting with the production inspired by the Detroit sound.

Q: The latest release, the Sources EP, has a broader sound palette and seems to focus less on beat driven techno. “Ex” is more down-tempo oriented featuring saxophone, while “Sonce” doesn’t feature a beat at all but still retains the qualities of melodic techno,. “Izvor 7” has a very uplifting and almost epic melody build up but doesn’t feel like it was necessarily aimed at the dancefloor. What was the approach to this release? And what does Izvor stand for, why so many variations on the name?
A: The approach towards creating my music is open and relaxed. I just let emotions, inspiration and creative moments, to lead me. “Izvor” means source. There are different “sources” which inspire me.

Q: Last year’s Logos vol. 1 was an extremely solid techno compilation. But this year you’ve turned to a proper album format for Agore’s upcoming Reflection release. There are quite a bit of laid back, jazzy grooves alongside more traditional techno. How do you see this album fitting with the Logos sound?
A: As I already mentioned, quality of the music is above all and Reflection as a first Logos album is meeting this criteria.

Q: What do you have coming up for 2009 for Logos?
A: This year Logos will release two more debut albums with extraordinary music and a few EPs:
– Agore – Reflection ( Album LOGOS015 ) 02 – April
– Motorcity – Infinity ( LOGOS016 ) May
– The Florian Muller Project – Blessing ( Album LOGOS017 ) June

If you’re interested in checking out current Logos tracks or submitting music to be considered for the Logos Compilation 2 you can find out more information at the Logos Myspace page. Keep your eye out for an upcoming mix from Samoil that he has promised Energy Flash as well.


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I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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8 Responses to Interview – Samoil from Logos

  1. passEnger says:

    Logos volume 1 was really huge. They are doing well, and it’s great that some of the most inpsiring music lately comes from “different places” instead of the usual countries. This is definitely one of the positive aspects of what the digital world is and can be.

    So thanks for the interview!

    • Kuri says:

      thanks passEnger. I agree, it’s great to hear great music from new origins. hopefully it’s some of what can help traditional sounds progress into new directions.

  2. Ogi says:

    Odlichno intervju !!
    Ushte eden primer za toa, deka nashite artisti se poveke ceneti vo svetot odkolku doma!
    Samo napred Same !!!

  3. Kazuumi says:

    Nice reading. Thanks Kuri for this interview. 😉

  4. franco says:

    interesting, it doesn’t happen that often that a digital only label offers such damn good quality!

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