Guest mix from Cez


About 6-8 months ago I turned in a mix for Cez’s JustGoodMusic site. The site he ran featured a monthly mix of a wide spectrum of dance/electronic music varietals, usually from himself, but not without a guest mix now and then. I just happened to get a spot in there and in return I requested a mix from him for Energy Flash. 6-8 months later, Cez has transitioned JustGoodMusic to Pop Your Funk, a new blog style site that retained those on-going mix sessions but also added music writing/reviews, and finally gotten me that mix he promised. Well, what a cracking mix it is. House classics blended smoothly into newer epic tech-house and then back to raw jack tracks. Too many good tunes to pick favorites here, as Cez can always be relied upon to spread the quality music sermon. Definitely worth the wait.

Omar S – Tecky Alexander (FXHE)
Risque III – Essence Of A Dream (Stride Records)
No Smoke – Koro-Koro (Warriors Dance)
Chris Perez Project – Singularity (Coco Soul)
Ten City – My Peace Of Heaven (Claussell Demo Dub) (Ibadan)
Deepchord – Electromagnetic Dowsing (Mike Huckaby Remix) (SYNTH)
Ricardo Villalobos – Enfants (Tambours) (Sei Es Drum)
Lost Heros – Bambatta (Innervisions)
Mr Raoul K – Le Cercle Peul (Baobab Music)
Ware – Dub Side Influence (Nite Grooves)
Fabrizio Ortella – Singtho (Deeply Rooted House)
Tomoki & Nono – Voices (Four Twenty)
EQD – EQD A – (Equalized)
Jus Ed – AM Mix (FXHE)

About Kuri

I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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4 Responses to Guest mix from Cez

  1. Sweet mix. Thanks much for sharing!

  2. Cez says:

    Cheers Andrew – glad you enjoyed!

  3. rabbie says:

    hi cez,i haven’t heard the mix yet,how can i get it?

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