In The Heat Of The Night Mix

Amid the oppressive heat wave and probably when temperatures hit their peak here in Seattle, I got inspired to throw down a slow burn mix to match the weather’s onslaught. It’s hardly my best technical effort but if you felt how hot (103 F) it was in my dj room you might have some compassion for the bumps found within. What you will find is some classic and newer jazzfunk, disco, house, mid-tempo whathaveu that sounds mighty nice for a summer evening soundtrack.

in the heat of the night mix

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves
The Sunshine Sunburst Band – Everyday
Frankie Valentine – Zumbi (Isoul8 mix)
Sunshine Jones – Anywhere You Are
Tamiko Jones – Can’t Live Without Your Love
Mach – On and On
Bombers – Don’t Stop the Music
Gaz Nevada – Secret Agent Man (Morgan Geist Sleeping on the Moon edit)
Logic System – Clash Brian Briggs – Aeo (pts 1 & 2)
Walter Jones – I’ll Keep on loving you
Ame – Tonight dub version
Scott Ferguson – I’m in luv with you feat. Phillip J. Hale
IMPS – Almost Live But Definitely Plugged (Move D remix)
Tony Lionni – Protection


About Kuri

I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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4 Responses to In The Heat Of The Night Mix

  1. struggle says:

    it was 103 in your room? weren’t you worried about your vinyls? i’ve had a fan pointed directly at mine for the past few days.

  2. tom/pipecock says:

    lots of my jams in here, DLing now….

  3. Cez says:

    just got around to listening to this – nice. gonna check out the new mix now.

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