Panorama Bar 02 – Pt. 1 – Basic Soul Unit/Lerosa

It’s hard to tell if Tama Sumo’s upcoming Panorama Bar mix CD will follow strongly in the footsteps of Cassy. Judging by the preview 12″ featuring 2 tracks off the mix it may not live up to the bar set by its predecessor. Basic Soul Unit build off a Larry Heard-esque bassline, laying down a complimentary synth melody and soaring strings to build a decent house track. But for some reason it all seems rote and derivative, never going beyond influences and therefore failing to even achieve anything more than what will likely be a footnote in the ’09 house yearbook. Lerosa’s contribution is “Plesso” and is the type of Spartan deep house genre shifter that he’s been getting known for the last few years. He admits to shaping this on the “eerie atmospheres” tip and actually namechecks Stasis which I found intriguing. This is certainly a rhythm and mood track and really achieves an atmosphere of cinematic quality while maintaining complex rhythm changes. And although there’s not as much melodic structuring per se the drunken drum breaks, synth slivers and haunting choral harmonies that weave in and out do show touches of Pickton’s FromTheOldToTheNew album. With a Pt. 2 planned soon we’ll see if the next ingredients Sumo has to offer will lead to a final product that can cut the mustard.


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I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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1 Response to Panorama Bar 02 – Pt. 1 – Basic Soul Unit/Lerosa

  1. Thanks so much Kuri for giving a platform to these savants… and for touching on some fine tunes. Tip to J&J, and we’ll being seeing you in the mlat podcast mix series here soon! Check out their radio broadcasts… TIP!

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