Current Top 10

I can’t be bothered sticking to a monthly top ten chart with any sort of consistency so let’s just call this the “Current Top 10” and be done with it.

1. Lerosa – “Rusitcales” (Further)
Taken from his debut cassette-only album  Dual Nature this track is a refreshing listen with an ambient-electronic footing. Here is my full review of this album on LWE.

2. Scott Ferguson – “In The Dales”
Anytime you can find good music for free it deserves to be talked about. This is a deep house track (heavy on the percussion) from Ferguson’s digital free download that was on offer from ISM as a Xmas present. Get it while supplies last.

3. Numbercult – “Tokyo Farhenheit” (Numbercult)
Another freebie for those on the digital tip from this Scottish label, but don’t forget to support their vinyl when Numbercult 2.4 gets a release. Intricate moody techno done sublimely well. Show these guys some love.

4. Andy Vaz – “The Y Theme” (Yore)
“What are we doing this for?” a voice asks on this track as it starts in deep house territory and evolves with jutting stabs, stuttering bongos and acidic gurgling. It answers it’s own question with: “the music.”

5. Reggie Dokes – “Yellow Toe” (Royal Oak)
Many of us know Reggie Dokes but how many of us actually understand him? The man runs in the same circles as the more popular deep house cats, but his material is always cut of its own cloth and stands out for taking chances with jazz modality and atypical melody progression.

6. Mark E – “Gunstone” (Endless Flight)
Elegant IDM posing as slow burner house. Gorgeously simple melody and groove with a bass line that talks backwards.

7. The Reminder – “Coffee First” (Etiku)
A title I completely agree with. Techno music done with heavily effected delay/reverb techniques making this a subtle monster waiting to be unleashed. A great return for this St. Petersburg, Russia-based label and French artist who goes under the name Mush, both of which had a quiet 2009 (Discogs says this came out in 2008 but I have a feeling the submission was done in anticipation of the release).

8. Big Strick – Black Talk (FXHE)
So I bought this along with a few other records direct from the label and what do you know, no charge for shipping on orders over $20 (US destined) and AOS sends a free ice-cube tray. Helluva nice guy. Oh and this track is amazing. Should have made my top 30 for 2009, but I slept on it.

9. Sensual Beings – Detached Feelings (Future Times)
Just started digging into this US label and got rewarded with this vibes, synth and piano led house track done in the spirit of early Chicago producers but with its own rich musical character.

10. Ike – Free To Fly (Philpot)
While the rest of this 12″ freely features classic samples to boost their dance floor impact its done in a fairly respectful way. This one focus more on developing an emotive strings and synth-led melody before unleashing a vocal sample and upright jazz bass line run to keep it close to the EP’s overarching theme.


About Kuri

I am a dj and music journalist trying to spread the word on quality past and future techno/house/electronic music.
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5 Responses to Current Top 10

  1. struggle says:

    Nice list Kuri. Future Times was one of my favorite labels of last year. Sensual Beings aka Steve Summers aka Rhythm Based Lovers released a lot of dope music last year all varying in style, but not quality.

  2. Rab Wilson says:

    Alright, cheers for the good read.

  3. Kuri says:

    he did that 7″ 45 you played for me right? plus he did a 12″ on one of those Clone sub-labels. I didn’t realize it was all the same guy, very talented.

  4. struggle says:

    yeah that’s the one. i’ve got 2 other Rhythm Based Lovers eps i’ll bring out on friday. that dude lived in portland for a short time last year and i tried really hard to bring him up here. just never worked out.

  5. I am quite new to wordpress. but what you write in this blog is really good and very informative. I think it will help me in the future. Thanks for the great work

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