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  1. Cez says:

    Key Kuri,

    fancy doing that mix for me? Hit me up cez@justgoodmusic.org


  2. Ali Duncan says:

    Hey Kuri

    I work with a few labels DJs here in US – Damian LAzarus, Guy Gerber, Konrad Black, Droog/Culprit, Get Physical

    I’d like to send you some digital promos if possible

    hit me on email when you get chance



  3. jorge c. says:


    I’m running the chilean label called Ojodeapolo
    , more info. at:

    i’m interested to send a promo-link to download the last vinyl (out: end sept.):

    (ojo.03) Receptor – Fiesta ep [+ Hauke Freer_remix]
    ,to be relased at the end of sept.2009

    some audio samples from (ojo.01) and (ojo.02) vinyls can be found here:

    I wonder if the site has interest to make a review, interview or label profile.
    thanks for some answer,

    (ojo.04) Milos – He was Waving [+ Ralph Sliwinski_remix]
    [ojo.05] Mical Rhebess & Pevanu – new retro (+ Kai Alce_rmx)

  4. simon says:


    Just wanted to point you in the direction of our new label out of Stockholm!

    We release creative and forward thinking artist within IDM, techno and minimal. Always with a melodic and melancholic vibe. Ten top notch releases so far. Pre-listen and download from our web:



    Don Simon

    Astor Bell

  5. Hi Kuri,

    I work with Dixon, Ben Watt, Ralph Lawson, etc.

    Would love to send you info. Could you email me back with your contact details?


  6. MADTEO says:

    yo man nice blog ! i read your Movement report , enjoyed it , I was there too just not in time line for the Timeline gig ehhe.. heard great things.. but I got to se K.Larkin & M500 ..that was a tot. lesson.. and to think i was planjning to leave mon daytime !! so glad I stayed !… but I related tot. to all of the stuff u said. Shake killed it with his leftfield tx, Orlando Voorn the showman ?? Hell yeah !! Theo creatin that ridiculously, hissy, loopy James Brown set ! Kai Alce really killed it at that party though.. great DJ too ! ..

    Peace out, M

  7. GabeDM says:

    Hi Kuri,

    my name is Gabriele and I just released my first EP titled IPO//21 on IPOLOGICA recordings, could we send you the promo pack and hope for a review? you can check their website to listen to part of the tracks.

    if so, please give us an email address.

    bye for now and keep it fresh!

    gabe dm

  8. Bruno says:

    Hello Kuri!

    This is Bruno from Miracle (BCN, Spain) It’s a pleasure for me to communicate we have already here CD copies from THE SUICIDE OF WESTERN CULTURE first album (eponymous title). I

    If you want to make a pre-listening before, enjoy with this link:

    If you even can work perfectly with a download link (full tracks at 320kbps), this is:

    Thanks a lot for anything. Keep in touch.

  9. Heike says:

    Dear Kuri,

    I work with a few labels / DJs here in germany and I’d like to send you some digital promos if possible.

    My first tip MY FELLOE CITIZENS you can check it here:


    For more informations, sending tracks, cover, photos or something like that – please don’t hesitate to contact me!

    Nice greetings from Germany – Heike

  10. timo says:

    hello kuri!

    im timo camillo (http://about.me/timocamillo), the owner of newcome 26TeaDrops International label. at the end of december’10 we released our pilot EP named TeaStories #000, and we reached a lot of great feedbacks from guys like Laurent Garnier, Sven Weisemann, Arne Weinberg and… So, simply will be to read whole list here – http://teadrops-music.com/label/26tdi001-page.html
    also, here you can pre-listen this music.

    so, i want to ask you about making review for the first of our releases, if you like it and interesting in that, of course.
    if you’ll make desicion to do it, just let me know, and i’ll send you the zip with mp3 320.

    best, timo

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