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Guest Mix from Scott aka Track Werker

Flashwerk Mix Energy Flash is pleased to present a DJ mix from Scott, the prolific and dedicated co-creator of the Trackwerk blog.  Scott (along with Carl and Sean) has been holding it down over there for quite some time now and … Continue reading

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Tony Lionni interview

Tony Lionni seemed to appear out of thin air sometime last year. First there was an auspicious debut on Mule Electronic, then another soon after on Versatile. For me though, it was “The Chase” off the Deep Joy EP on … Continue reading

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Music Institute 20th Anniversary 12″ Pt. 1 – NDATL

 There are those clubs that loom in the imagination of music devotees and depending on where your allegiances lie they may differ drastically. But for anyone claiming the slightest interest in techno’s history they should recognize the seminal Detroit club … Continue reading

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Lost in the Sun mix

I have been resting at home this week, recovering from eye surgery (not Lasik, so still have the glasses). I did manage to cobble together a mix, bearing through squinting eyes and double vision but still holding onto the music … Continue reading

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Energy Flash – 2008 Top Tracks in the Mix

Year-end charts are a bit like the Oscars, top honors seem to correlate  most directly to what has most recently been released.  And that might just be reflective of dance music’s fickleness–always grabbing for what’s hot now rather than what … Continue reading

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Divided Rain mix

This mix sprung out of nowhere a couple evenings ago. No rhyme or reason, just a 68 minute session that lands wedged somewhere between dubbed out beats to solid techno from a variety of reliable sources. Additionally I’m glad to … Continue reading

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Matt Chester – Relapse

It’s a wonder how you can go years without noticing a real talent working in a genre you consider yourself an authority on. Case in point: Matt Chester. After seeing mention of his 11th Hour label on various forums over … Continue reading

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